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About Cincinnati Scholastic Chess

Since 2007 Cincinnati Scholastic Chess (CSC) has been organizing chess tournaments in the greater Cincinnati area for scholastic players (grades K through 12). The annual CSC Series offers one tournament per month from October through March. Trophy and medal winners from past Series are posted on our Archive page.

Since 2012 CSC has organized the Cincinnati Open, an annual weekend tournament for players of all ages, which is usually played in April. Final results from past Cincinnati Opens are posted on our Archive page.

Cincinnati Scholastic Chess has served as organizer and host for five Ohio state championship events:

  • 2012 Ohio Elementary Championships
  • 2013 Ohio High School and Middle School Championships
  • 2014 Grade Level Championships
  • 2016 Ohio High School and Middle School Championships
  • 2018 Ohio Elementary Championships

To see the results of these events, click on the event in our Archive.

Cincinnati and other places in Ohio offer a number of other opportunities for tournament competition and other chess activities. On our Other Opportunities for Enjoying Chess page you will find additional information as well as links to other chess sites that might be of interest.

Finally, on our Teachers and Coaches ‎ page we list area chess teachers and coaches for the benefit of those players or their parents who are looking for individual or small group private instruction.

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