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CSC Series

The 2017-18 CSC Series concluded on March 10 at Sycamore High School. Congratulations to Ruthvik Ayyagari, the 2017-18 Series Champion. You can access the USCF Event Summary for the March tournament using the link in the left sidebar. A complete list of trophy and medal winners is posted on our Archive page.

About the Cincinnati Scholastic Chess Series

The Cincinnati Scholastic Chess Series is an annual series of six Swiss tournaments for scholastic players (grades K through 12) that was launched in 2007. The tournaments are sanctioned by the US Chess Federation (USCF) and governed by USCF rules.

One tournament is played each month from October through March, usually on the first or second Saturday of the month. Tournaments are hosted by  various Cincinnati area schools. Multiple sections are defined by grade and rating, and players play only other players in their own section. Players may change sections during the Series as long as they satisfy the requirements of the section they want to move into, and sometimes players are required to change sections when their rating goes up. Players who begin the Series in the non-rated section may move into a rated section, but additional requirements apply. Medals are awarded at each tournament to top finishers in each section, including the non-rated section. In the rated sections, trophies are awarded at the end of the Series based on results for the entire Series, counting the best five scores from six tournaments.

Final results from the series in past years are posted on the Archive page. Planning is under way for our 2018-19 Series. Details will be published here when they have been finalized. If you have questions in the meantime, you can contact us by email at