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2018 Ohio Elementary Championships Online Entry

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Information requested on this form is for the exclusive use of Cincinnati Scholastic Chess and, as applicable, the US Chess Federation. Cincinnati Scholastic Chess will not give, sell, or make available this information to any other organization or individual except as required by law.


Having your contact information enables us to communicate with you if we have any questions about your registration and to notify you if there are any changes regarding the tournament.


You may register only one player on this form. If you have more than one player to register, you will need to complete and submit this form once for each player.

Enter the complete name of the player’s school or home schooling organization and (below that) the city where it is located so that players from the same school playing in the same section can be correctly identified and compete as a team for a team trophy.

A current US Chess Federation membership is required to play in any section for grades K-6 or 4-6. USCF membership is optional for all sections for grades K-3. A USCF membership can be purchased or renewed by selecting a membership option below. Players choosing to play in a K-3 section without a USCF membership must select the Junior Tournament Player option.

Players who have a current or expired USCF membership or who have played previously under the JTPP are required to provide their eight-digit USCF ID number. This can be found on the player’s membership card or chess magazine mailing label, or online at Lookup by searching on the player’s name. If the player has no USCF ID number, enter “New”.

If purchasing or renewing a USCF membership, select the desired membership option. Premium memberships include a subscription to Chess Life (Youth) or Chess Life for Kids (Scholastic). Regular memberships include online access to the applicable magazine. Whether paying for one year or two years, Youth members must be 16 years old or younger at the expiration of the membership, and Scholastic members must be 13 years old or younger at the expiration of the membership. USCF memberships always expire on the last day of the month of purchase one or two years later. For example, a two-year membership purchased on June 10, 2017 will expire on June 30, 2019.

Players may take one half-point bye in rounds 1-4. Half-point byes are optional; most players take no byes. If more than one box is checked, we will assign half-point byes for the first round selected, and a zero-point bye for each later round selected. No half-point byes are permitted for round 5. A player who does not want to play round 5 must withdraw from the tournament, with notice to a tournament director, before round 5  pairings are posted.


Please note that this charge will show up on your statement as “PayPal Chess Fee” or “PayPal Chess Fee CSC”.

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I (Parent/Guardian) understand the organizers of this tournament will take all reasonable precautions customary and usual to conducting such tournaments, and beyond this I assume any risk associated with my child’s participation in it. I understand that the tournament directors, tournament organizers, the host venue and its staff are not to be held responsible in case of accident, and I agree to hold same harmless in the event of accident. In the event of a medical emergency, I hereby authorize emergency medical treatment for my child (if deemed necessary by a physician) if I am not at the tournament site and cannot be reached at the telephone number(s) listed below.

Parent/guardian name here indicates acceptance of waiver and authorizes submission of this entry form.

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