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Attention Prospective Students

With the growth of scholastic chess in the Cincinnati area, the number of players and families seeking chess instruction has increased. As a service to the community chess players of all ages, Cincinnati Scholastic Chess seeks to connect players at all levels who are seeking individual instruction with suitable teachers/coaches by listing on this page contact information for those chess teachers and coaches who have elected to make their information available through this medium. The presence of a teacher or coach on this page does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation of that teacher or coach by Cincinnati Scholastic Chess.

Attention Teachers and Coaches

If you are listed on this page and wish to change or remove the information relating to you, please contact us at

If you are not listed on this page and would like to be, please contact us at

Teacher and Coach Listing (alphabetical)

Jon Applebee, veteran teacher and coach of numerous school chess programs and summer camps, open to teaching individuals as well as small groups. $40/hour for individual lessons; rate negotiable for small groups.

Blake Baumgartner, USCF Expert, 2013 Ohio High School Champion, peak rating: 2196 USCF. 6+ years’ experience coaching children and adults, ranging from complete beginners to 1800 USCF. An experienced chess player and chess coach, I always aims to assess my students’ strengths and weaknesses and guide them along on their path to improvement to maximize their chess potential. $35/hour for in-person private lesson at my house or for Internet lessons; $35/hour + added travel fee for private lessons at your house (depends on distance).

Carl Boor, National Master/FIDE Master. I am a full-time chess coach who works to serve my students in the most flexible and efficient manner possible.  Please visit:

Robert Chenault, teaches fundamentals and principles … the basics. My sessions last for 1.5 to 2 hours.

  • Above 65 and retirees
  • After-school chess programs
  • Small group lessons 2-4 students
  • Tournament Prep Package and Online Sparring Package
  • Networking Package – Introduction to Cincinnati Chess Community

I’m a chess vendor, so I end up selling books and chess equipment to my students. Also, that’s why I love my older students: they are available for morning lessons, they buy my stuff and teach me. All my students keep a binder for my lessons and handouts. I’m a traveling chess teacher, working with family schedules, making it easy to take chess lessons.  I fully enjoy my work (Glory to God), and I care for my students. Most play in my monthly chess tournaments called Cincy Tornadoes.  I’m an Expert working on becoming a Master.  So it cost $1,000 per hour to take chess lessons from me … lol. email me at; don’t be scared. Many times students can be added to a small group for $20-$25 depending on the group. I’m easy to work with.

Noah Keating-Adams, USCF National Master, can coach anyone from beginner to 1800. Resides in West Chester/Liberty Twp. area, but is willing to drive a reasonable distance. $35 per one-hour lesson.

We will update this page with additional teachers as they apply to be listed.