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Ohio Chess Congress

The Congress is coming to the Queen City!

For the first time ever, CSC will host the Ohio Chess Congress when the 74th edition is played on September 1-3, 2018 (Labor Day weekend, as always) at The Embassy Suites in Blue Ash.

A Heritage Event!
US Chess Junior Grand Prix!
A State Championship Event!

This is a six-round Swiss in four sections: Championship (FIDE rated), U2000, U1700, U1400. The Ohio resident who finishes highest in the Championship section will be designated the 2018 Ohio Chess Champion.

See sidebar for links to applicable FIDE rules, mobile phone policy, and other rules and policies that will be in effect for this event.

Entry Requirements

All players in all sections must be current USCF members. Purchase or renew USCF membership at Section assignments and pairings will be based on September 2018 official USCF ratings, except that unofficial ratings, if available, will be used for players who are officially unrated.

All players resident in Ohio must be current members of the Ohio Chess Association. Purchase or renew OCA membership at Players who are resident outside Ohio are welcome to play in any section for which they qualify by rating; no additional membership requirement applies to them.

A FIDE identification number is required for all players in the Championship section. Any player entering the Championship section who does not have a FIDE ID will be assigned one, provided that he or she qualifies for FIDE membership under the US Federation. The player must provide the requisite information on his or her entry form. CSC will forward this information to the FIDE Titles and Ratings officer at the USCF, who will obtain a FIDE Identification Number (FIN) for the player and notify CSC. Every player in the Championship section must be assigned a FIN before the section can be rated by FIDE; however, a player might not be notified of his or her FIN until after the tournament is over. If you are not a FIDE member and you do not qualify for FIDE membership under the US Federation, you must obtain your FIN through your proper national federation prior to entering the tournament.


The prize pool is $8,500 based on 140 entries, else proportional. Prizes will be split among tied players. Unrated players may not win more than the third-place prize amount except in the Championship section.

Championship:  $1,200–800–600–400, top under 2200:  $350–250
U2000:  $   800–500–400–300
U1700:   $   600–400–300–200
U1400:   $   400–300–200–200, top under 1200:  $175–125

Time Controls

The time control is the same in all rounds.
Championship section ( FIDE rated): 40/90, SD/30; +30.
All other sections: G/120; d10.


All sections play the same schedule.
Saturday: Round 1 at 11 am, round 2 at 5 pm.
Sunday: Round 3 at 10 am, round 4 at 5 pm.
Monday:  Round 5 at 10 am, round 6 at 3 pm.

Ohio Chess Association board and membership meetings will be held on Sunday between 3 and 5 pm.

Entry Fee

$99 through August 26, $110 after August 26, $110 onsite Saturday from 8:00 am until 9:30 am.

GMs, IMs, WGMs, WIMs: No entry fee; $99 will be deducted from any prize won.

Re-entry $50, counts as ½ entry for prizes. Anyone wishing to re-enter after round 1 must do so before 4:00 pm on Saturday and may not re-enter the same section that he or she is withdrawing from. Re-entered players will be given a half-point bye for round 1 in their new section and may then take no more than one additional half-point bye.

To enter online through 3:00 pm, Friday, August 31, click here. Use a PayPal account or credit card to pay the entry fee through PayPal.

To mail in an entry, click here to download an entry form. Mail the completed entry form to Chess Congress, 9180 Pinewood Dr., Loveland, OH 45140-8234. All entries must be received by Friday, August 31.


The Embassy Suites, 4554 Lake Forest Drive, Blue Ash, OH 45242, about three miles from the intersection of I-71 and I-275. The hotel offers a breakfast buffet, lunch, dinner, and evening reception for overnight guests; and will also provide a food concession in the tournament area. The hotel rate is $109 for a king suite and $119 for a double suite. All suites include a sofa bed in addition to the bedroom. Reserve by August 19, 2018 to ensure room and rate. For reservations: call 513-733-8900 or 800-362-2779 and request the rate for the Ohio Chess Congress, or book online here.

Other Information

Playing up: Players may choose to play up but may not play up more than one section.

Byes: Players may take up to two half-point byes, except that a player who received a full-point bye as a result of being paired out of round 1 is allowed only one half-point bye. Players must commit to byes (as requested, changed or canceled) no later than 4:00 pm Saturday.

Equipment: Pieces, boards and clocks will be provided in the Championship section. In all other sections players should bring pieces, boards and clocks.

Miscellaneous: All cell phones in the playing hall while any game is in progress must be completely turned off. No smoking. No computers.


Email questions to or text/call Alan Hodge 513-600-9915.