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The West Louisville Chess Club

The West Louisville Chess Club is the organizer of two online chess tournaments played on during the summer of 2020.

Links to the results of The West Louisville Chess Classic, played on June 20, are immediately below. Scroll down to see details of the John Coltrane Memorial Online Blitz Tournament, to be played on July 17.

The West Louisville Chess Classic Results

The results are shown on at the following links:

These are preliminary results subject to and the TD reviewing, which is under way. Final results will be announced by approximately June 29, and games for the rated sections will be submitted to the USCF for rating at that time.

Prizes were based on 100 players. There were 67 entries, and the organizer has decided that prizes paid will at 70% of the original advertised prize amounts. These prizes will be mailed after final results are announced.

  • First prize in each section: $28
  • Second prize in each section: $21
  • Three top-female prizes: $7

Preliminary results for each section are shown below:

  • Rated Scholastic K–4: 1st dangdang2000, 4/4, 2nd AwesomeChessRebel, 3/4, tiebreak 6
  • Rated Scholastic 5–8: 1st hyperexo, 4/4, 2nd sunaya, 3/4, tiebreak 7
  • Rated Scholastic 9–12: 1st Rhohn, 3/4, tiebreak 7, 2nd Nikilprabhakar, 3/4, tiebreak 5
  • Rated Non-Scholastic U1000: 1st Baahubali06, 3/4, 2nd Reachrahul, 1.5/4
  • Rated Non-Scholastic U1200: 1st chess_ninja101, 2/4, 2nd ashish0406, 1.5/4
  • Rated Non-Scholastic U1600: 1st TypicalChessPlayer54, 3.5/4, tiebreak 6.75, 2nd Juggernaut2612, 3.5/4, tiebreak, 6.25
  • Non-Rated Scholastic K–4: 1st Dyl2019, 4/4, tiebreak, 2nd AdhawanS, 3 / 4, tiebreak 6
  • Non-Rated Scholastic 5–8: 1st Varshachesskid, 3/4, 2nd Jasmeh21, 2/4
  • Rated Scholastic Top Female: sanvijha
  • Rated Non-Scholastic Top Female: hiralkotecha
  • Non-Rated Scholastic Top Female: varshachesskid

The John Coltrane Memorial Online Blitz Tournament

July 17, 2020, 10:00 am EDT

7 rounds, G5/0   ♦   Cash prizes   ♦   Rated sections are USCF rated


USCF-Rated sections – U1000, U1600, Open

Non-Rated sections – U1000, U1600, Open

Six sections in all are projected; however, any section with fewer than 14 entries will be combined with another section.

Membership and Rating Requirements

Players who have an official USCF Regular or Quick rating must play in a USCF-Rated section. Those without an official USCF Regular or Quick rating may play either in a USCF-Rated section or in a Non-Rated section. Players in a non-rated section will not earn a USCF rating.

Anyone playing in a USCF-Rated section must be a USCF member (current as of the date of the tournament) and will need to complete a short form to authenticate his or her USCF membership; details will be emailed after registration. Blitz ratings as of the tournament starting time will be used for section eligibility and pairings. When registering for the tournament, choose the section corresponding to your Blitz rating; if you do not have a Blitz rating, then choose a section based on any other rating that you have (such as Rapid, or USCF Blitz, Quick or Regular). Players with no or USCF rating may play in any section. Players may “play up” if they wish.

All games will be rated by (“Blitz” rating). All games in sections designated as “USCF-Rated” will also be rated by USCF (Online Blitz rating).


Prizes are $40 for the 1st-place finisher and $35 for the 2nd-place finisher in each of the six sections. Prizes will be awarded based on the above section definitions even if sections are combined. Prizes are based on 100 entries (50% guaranteed). Computer-calculated tie-breaks will be used to determine winners among tied players. Prizes will be distributed seven days after the tournament to allow for Fair Play checking.


The entry fee is $20, payable by credit card or PayPal account. The registration deadline is July 12, 2020 for USCF-Rated sections (to allow for accounts and USCF memberships to be authenticated), and July 15, 2020 for Non-Rated sections.

Important note: Players need to enter their Username when registering for the tournament. Players who do not have a Username must first go to to set up a free account and create a username.

Click here to enter the John Coltrane Memorial.

Other Information

No optional byes are allowed. An odd number of players in a section will result in one player receiving a full-point bye. Once the tournament starts, players can withdraw from the tournament if necessary.

Computer help and other assistance during games are prohibited. examines all games for cheating. Anyone flagged for fair play violations is not eligible for prizes (and will probably have their account closed by and face potential disciplinary action from the USCF).

Entry fees will be refunded to players who withdraw on or before July 16, 2020, less a $4 administrative fee. Entry fees will not be refunded for withdrawals on the day of the tournament.

A 20-minute Zoom conference call will be conducted with a chess personality on July 16; persons interested in participating should contact Corbin Seavers at

For additional information: see “The West Louisville Chess Club” on facebook.