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3rd Annual Winter Break Event

Tuesday–Friday, December 27–30, 2022

Players are not required to play all four days. They may play on any combination of days, from one to all four.

We will use to host this event. USCF ratings will NOT be affected.

To go directly to the online entry form, click here.

For more information about online chess generally and tournaments on specifically, please see our CSC Online Essential Information document.

Play begins at 10:00 am every day. Play will end by 12:15 pm on Tuesday, and then earlier each day thereafter.

PLAYERS, PLEASE NOTE: Rounds start promptly, and once a round has started, you have only a certain amount of time within which to make your first move (15 seconds in a Blitz time control, 55 seconds in a Rapid time control). If you do not make your first move within the specified time, you lose the game on the basis of “abandonment”. This is a rule. So it is important to be present and ready to play round 1 before 10:00 am. (You may be online as early as one hour before the tournament start time; we recommend that you be online no later than 9:55 am.) Each later round will start very shortly after the preceding round ends, with no fixed schedule, so even if your game ends relatively quickly, we caution you not to be long absent from your computer. continually shows when games are still in progress; you should be mindful of this so as not to be away from your computer when the next round is about to begin. For more information about online chess generally and tournaments on specifically, please see our CSC Online Essential Information document.

Format: 5-round, Swiss tournaments. Each day has a different time control and multiple tournaments with different rating ranges designed to create player groups of approximately equal size; players play only one tournament per day. Playing up is permitted, and Cincinnati Scholastic Chess reserves the right to require a player to enter a tournament with higher ratings when deemed appropriate by CSC.

Ratings: ratings will be used — Rapid for Tuesday and Wednesday, Blitz for Thursday and Friday. Anyone without a rating may create an account at by choosing a username and indicating a skill level (to determine an initial rating). It is simple and free to create a basic account.

Entry: Online entry only. Click here to enter. The entry fee is $46 for the entire event — no entry fee refunds or discounts for any day missed. To play on Tuesday–Friday, enter by noon, Monday, December 26. Players competing on all four days may count their best three scores toward a trophy. Players are not required to play on all four days, but anyone who wants to play on Tuesday must enter by noon on Monday. Players may enter by noonTuesday, December 27 to play only on Wednesday–Friday. Players may play on one, two or all three of these three days, but no one may enter the event after noon on Tuesday.


Tournament Details

Tuesday, Dec 27: FOUR* tournaments, Rapid ratings, G/11 + 1
Wednesday, Dec 28: THREE* tournaments, Rapid ratings, G/10 + 2
Thursday, Dec 29: FOUR* tournaments, Blitz ratings, G/9 + 1
Friday, Dec 30: THREE* tournaments, Blitz ratings, G/8 + 2

*The number of tournaments is projected and depends on the number of players entered. Tournament rating limits are determined daily based on the entered players’ ratings (Rapid or Blitz as applicable).

Trophy Details

Trophies are personalized with the winner’s name and delivered (in SW Ohio**) by Dr. Brackenridge. Your BEST THREE SCORES during the event count toward a trophy. A perfect score would be 15.0 (three scores of 5.0). In addition, anyone with a 5.0 score in any tournament will receive a medal to commemorate the perfect performance. Trophy cutoffs have been LOWERED BY A FULL POINT from last year so that it should be slightly easier to earn a trophy.  If you just missed out on a trophy (or on a bigger trophy) last year, maybe this is your year to win one!  The scoring system for trophies is as follows:

Level cumulative score (sum of best three scores)
PLATINUM 12.5 or higher
GOLD 11.5 or 12.0
SILVER 10.5 or 11.0
BRONZE 9.5 or 10.0

**Players who do not live in Southwest Ohio (Hamilton, Clermont, Butler and Warren counties) are welcome to participate in this event; however, in the event that any such player wins a trophy, we will make mutually agreeable arrangements with the player’s family to have the trophy delivered to him or her with the understanding that if the trophy is shipped, the family will pay the shipping cost.

Special announcement relating to the Winter Break Event and the 2022-23 CSC Series:

Due to the unfortunate scheduling conflict this year with the Ohio Grade Level Championships, several of our regular players missed the Series tournament on November 5. We wanted to find a way to restore to them the lost opportunity to score points toward a Series trophy, but we agreed that any such opportunity should be available to all of our players, not only to those who played in the Grade Level. For scheduling and other reasons, it was not feasible to add a “make-up” over-the-board (otb) tournament to the Series. Accordingly, the solution we came up with is this: Everyone who plays in the CSC Online Winter Break Event will be awarded 3.0 points to count toward a Series trophy (regardless of how many points are scored in the Winter Break Event). Thus players will have seven opportunities to score points for Series trophy purposes, and Series trophies will be awarded based on each player’s best five of the seven scores. The Series championship will not be affected by this change; it will still be decided based on scores achieved only in the Championship section of the six otb Series tournaments. If you have any questions, please let us know by email to

For more information about online chess generally and tournaments on specifically, please see our CSC Online Essential Information document.

Questions? Send an email to