Cincinnati Scholastic Chess

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Cincinnati Open

Since 2012 Cincinnati Scholastic Chess has organized the Cincinnati Open annually. Final results from these tournaments are posted on our Archive page.

2017 (53rd) Cincinnati Open

The 2017 Cincinnati Open was played at the Blue Ash Hilton Garden Inn on April 7-9. The event attracted 117 players, including 39 from outside Ohio. Prize winners are listed below. Click here for standings or wall chart.

Planning is under way for the 2018 Cincinnati Open. We made several changes in 2017, including:

  • FIDE rating the Open section
  • An alternative¬†loyalty discount for those who play in this event in 2012-2015
  • Rebates for recruiting players who had not played in the event previously
  • A six-round format for the U2100, U1700 and U1300 that gave players flexibility to choose a five-game schedule that best fit their circumstances

These changes were well received by the players in attendance, and it is likely that they will be retained. Information will be posted here when details have been finalized, probably around October 2017.

Open Section

Joshua Posthuma 1st
William Sedlar T 2nd-3rd
Ron Burnett T 2nd-3rd
Yuri Barnakov T 4th-U2300 1st
Scott Ramer T 4th-U2300 1st
Logan Wu T U2300 2nd
James Mills T U2300 2nd
Ricky Wang T U2300 2nd
Hans Multhopp T U2300 2nd
Jason Wang T U2300 2nd
Justin Storn T U2300 2nd

U2100 Section

George Kraft 1st
David Hater T 2nd-4th
Jake Lennon T 2nd-4th
Arvind Prasad T 2nd-4th
Alen Zheng T U1900 1st-2nd
Keevin Lee T U1900 1st-2nd
Kiran Boyinepally T U1900 1st-2nd

U1700 Section

Eric Gittrich 1st
Andrew Friedman 2nd-4th
Arnold Franklin 2nd-4th
Brandon Rogers 2nd-4th
Mithran Periassamy U1500 1st
Braydon Povinelli T U1500 2nd
Pradyun Kamaraju T U1500 2nd

U1300 Section

Bruce Hill 1st
David Bernow 2nd
GopalAniruddh Tadinnada T 3rd-4th
Kenneth Cao T 3rd-4th
Ameya Saraf T 3rd-4th
John Minnich T 3rd-4th
Kyle Roy T 3rd-4th
Bart Reitz U1100 1st
Vu Duong T U1100 2nd
Richard Vail T U1100 2nd
Palash Kapoor T U1100 2nd
Kunal Ponkshe T U1100 2nd
Kyle Brackenridge T U1100 2nd